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S T O P     P R E S S

Sportsman’s Dinner 2016

This year’s sportsman’s dinner will take place on Friday, 18th March 2016 at Old Swan Conservative Club, 73 Derby Lane, Liverpool L13 6QE.

The guest speakers will be ex-footballer Steve Kindon and Yorkshire-based comedian Pete Emmett.

Tickets are priced at £30 each and will provide a superb three-course meal, top class entertainment by the aforementioned speakers and entry into a generously-prized session of Heads and Tails.  The big bonus is that you may well find yourself sitting next to an old buddy from our school.

Tickets can be purchased by PayPal through the Club Shop facility on the COBFC website :-


or from Li Ross (0151 334 4776, 07840-170128), 2 Alistair Drive, Bromborough, Wirral CH63 0LH.


If you wish to pay for tickets by cheque, please make it payable to Collegiate Old Boys FC.

To view an interesting book by last year's After-Dinner Speaker, click on Here
To view a Video of this year's After-Dinner Speaker, click on Here
For an interesting snippet from an early Esmeduna, click on Here

Any members who fancy themselves as budding Sherlock Holmes should click on this Facebook link :-


where they can try to solve the latest in the “Guess the Year” Puzzle , They are not easy but then again, they are not too hard. Have a go and see.

  To LISTEN TO a 'Snippet' about T.P.Gleave, Click on Guinea-Pigs

Sandheys     This is an excerpt from the Liverpool Echo which shows us the future for the "Sandheys" Building on Mill Lane, West Derby.  Good old Redrow  (???) – It’s amazing that it is not becoming a University Student Hall of Residence.
     This is the building, which housed the Prep School, up until 1946.  It is shown here for the benefit of the ex-Prep Lads (such as Tommy Farrell or Eric Williams) who have fond memories of lessons in the ‘loft floor’ class rooms and ‘Breaks’ on the adjacent playing fields.  (Who ever will forget Sam Harris?  - I’d love to forget him.) 
     Do you remember ‘The Museum’?   That very large polished wooden box with a glass front, allowing the lads to view the exhibits without being able to touch.  (Once a year, two lucky lads [Museum Monitors] had the job of pulling out each item and giving it a polish before replacing it in the same position on the same shelf.)   
     BTW – One of the exhibits looked suspiciously like a Mills Bomb – I hope it had been de-activated (or whatever).  If that had ‘gone up’, maybe Redrows might have had to weave their magic elsewhere.
     Think of all those games of ‘Land’ (played with two penknives and some of soft soil).   Think of all those efforts to get that miserable ‘gentleman’ (???)  Sam, to let the lads have a football for an impromptu game.  Think of all those giggling schoolgirls when school dinners were eaten, up at the Holly Lodge Dining Room, in the early days.  (I’d rather not – Thank you)
     I know that “ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END” , but I can’t help thinking of Miss Taylor and “Ma Sterlo” and picture some rotation movements in a couple of graves.
     This should end with a Latin quotation, but I can’t think of one.  Suggestions would be (kindly) received - and printed.
     The same goes for any other Prep memories that a member feels the urge to write in about.  Thank you, in advance.

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The Association was formed in 1909, following the transfer of the Shaw Street Schools from the Liverpool Collegiate Institution to the Liverpool City Council, and it maintained a strong connection with the Liverpool Collegiate School up to the time of the School's closure in 1985. Since then the Association has kept a watching brief on the future use of the Shaw Street building, which is Grade II listed. The building has been converted now for residential use, containing some 90 very tasteful apartments. We hold a service on Remembrance Day, the 11th November each year, in the Entrance Hall of the Building. (Click on"Memories", for details).

COBA  Facebook

The Collegiate Old Boys Association now have an official Group on the social media site Facebook. You can visit the Group page by clicking this link:-


The Group page is relatively new and we hope to generate more interest by posting regular articles and news about the school and the activities of COBA. It is also meant as a platform for discussion.  Feel free to either contribute or just browse.

N.B. - When you use the above link, you will be requested to sign in, using your Facebook Password or to join Facebook - This is a requisite, in order to access the entries.

If you want to join the Facebook Group you need to have a Facebook account. You can get a Facebook account (at no cost) by clicking on:-


We look forward to meeting you there.


It has been brought to our attention (by more than one member) that we seem to have let the old tradition of having "HOTPOT SUPPERS" lapse.

We can assure you, that they were always popular with us as - If a last minute Member appeared on the scene, we just put another cup of water in the Scouse". :-) :-) :-)

(The old ones are the best ones - We stole that one off Li Ross, at last year's Dinner :) )

What we envisage, is something in the Spring to balance out our (fairly busy) Autumn.

What we are looking for is any members who used to help out in organising those functions.  If there are any of you left, would you please come forward and offer your expertise, or simply advice, about that complex exercise?

Thank you.

Death of Brian Wilkinson

Dear all

Sadly, Brian Wilkinson (an ex-pupil of the Collegiate) died of cancer shortly before Xmas

He loved the school (which he attended from 1947 to 1953) and often shared his fond memories with his family

I am writing a biography about him and would like more information regarding his time at the school

If any of your members have any information or memories of Brian, would you please let me know

Please forward any comments or help to:


Thank you

Rob Probin - son in law

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N.B.  We have been getting reports that some of our members have not had any luck, when using the above (email) links.  We are aware that the successful members seem to be the ones who use "Outlook".  It is possible, that the unsuccessful ones may be using "Gmail" or "Thunderbird"  etc.  If some problems do seem evident, you might try using your usual email procedure and an address of :-


In response to requests from members (particularly overseas Cobs):-

to view the Shaw Street Apartments click on Flats

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A Relay Race

Here at COBA, we are as vulnerable to the ravages of ‘Old Father Time’, as anyone else. Bearing this in mind, we have decided look for a ‘reserve team’ of members who would be capable of ‘accepting the baton’ and taking over the duties of certain present Officers of the Council, when the time comes for them to pass on their duties.

We have identified two of the offices that could suffer most, from an hiatus due to a retirement. These are Secretary and Treasurer. With this in mind, we are trying to prepare for all eventualities, by:-

(a) Keeping a set of (up-to-date) ‘Backup Data’ for each of the three jobs.

(b) Inviting volunteers from the membership who would be prepared (at this time) to acclimatise themselves as to how the duties of a retiring officer are performed and how the data is organised. This, of course, is with a view to taking over the duties when a retirement occurs.  Thus, we are inviting interested members to contact our Chairman, by clicking on Chairman for further details. 

A Cri de Coeur.

It has been pointed out to us, that what we need (on our site) are some definitive articles about periods in our history, that are often referred to,  but exact details are not commonly known.   Accordingly, we would like to put together a page covering exactly what did happen, at any one of these times

What we need, is data, from our readers including, of course, photographs (Preferably scanned at 300ppi or better and be in JPEG form with accompanying text).  Any of our readers, who have memories of such incidents can contact us by clicking on HERE

Such topics, might include :--

Bangor - The school was evacuated to Bangor - Where? (exactly) - When? (exactly) - For how long? - Did ALL the school go? - Which members of the staff went? - Did "The Prep" go? - Was the Shaw St. building closed down? - What Sport was available?

The Fire - What we need, is a definitive article about the disastrous fire that caused closure of the school.  We do have quite a few photos of the damage that was done - but no description of the events. We don't expect - "I was sitting there reciting some Latin, when I felt a blast of hot air rising up the back of my chair ......." - What were people doing when it occurred? - What did people say, to each other? - Did anyone rush down to see the flames? - Or next day to see the ruins? - Did you go inside? - Did you see any souvenir hunters, picking through debris?

Colomendy - (Sometimes referred to as 'Colomenditz') - Many Liverpool schools used this 'Outdoor Centre' - Contributions from Non-COBs would be considered (to stimulate memories )

School Camps (and CCF Camps) Where? - When? - How long? - Who went? - Which staff went? ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.