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The Annual Dinner

We would like to draw Member's attention to the fact that THIS YEAR, the Annual Dinner will revert to its usual date of the first Friday after Founders Day.  Thus, we will all be getting together on the 23rd October at 7.30 p.m. after the AGM (which starts at 6.15).  Tickets will be £30 each.  Once again, it will be held at the Athenaeum Club on Church Alley.  This year, we have managed to get  Jason Smith (1976 - 1983) as our Speaker.  Full details will be available, for Members, in the Newsletter.

175th Anniversary of the Liverpool Collegiate School and Liverpool College.

As members may be aware, this year is the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Institution which was later to become the Liverpool Collegiate School and Liverpool College.

Because the College is still up and running, the College and Old Lerpoolians are holding a number of commemorative events.

The main event is the Anniversary Ball to be held in the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on Saturday 13th June, to which an invitation to participate has been extended to Collegiate Old Boys via the OB's Council.

The event's dress code will be black tie. Tickets will be available at a cost of £50 per person.

Your Council has booked one table so far, but further reservations can be made. Tickets will be in short supply, so any member wanting to participate should contact me asap and I will arrange the booking and give you details of making payment in advance.

The price includes a three course meal and dancing to a seven piece band.

If you are interested please contact me by e-mail :~  


It would be nice if we could give this event, which will be in magnificent surroundings, our full support.

Joe Lucas ( Chairman - COBA)

Death of Brian Wilkinson

Dear all

Sadly, Brian Wilkinson (an ex-pupil of the Collegiate) died of cancer shortly before Xmas

He loved the school (which he attended from 1947 to 1953) and often shared his fond memories with his family

I am writing a biography about him and would like more information regarding his time at the school

If any of your members have any information or memories of Brian, would you please let me know

Please forward any comments or help to:


Thank you

Rob Probin - son in law

Death of Neil Jacques

I have been informed by Richard Thwaite of THE DEATH of NEIL JACQUES (39/44) on Friday the 31th January.

His funeral was held at St.Winefrides Church, Little Neston, Wirral on Friday, 20th February.

Neal has been a regular attender at the AGM and Annual Dinner and was present at the Dinner in October last.

Arthur Evans

N.B.  We have been gettting reports that some of our members have not had any luck, when using the above (email) links.  We are aware that the successful members seem to be the ones who use "Outlook".  It is possible, that the unsuccessful ones may be using "Gmail" or "Thunderbird"  etc.  If some problems do seem evident, you might try using your usual email procedure and an address of :-


Just received a letter (from Bill Thomas) to say that Dave Tallon 1954--? had a fall on Sunday afternoon returning from watching football on tv and passed away later that night - Have any of our members got memories of Dave?

Mystery Teachers & COBs

What we have here is a couple of (RECENT) pictures of ex-Collegiate Teachers and Pupils. These were sent in by a COB as a challenge for our members to recognise anyone who they may remember applying some discipline to their (bent over) rear-ends. Admittedly a few of them look a little bit more "long in the tooth" and their ‘strong right arm’ may have ‘withered with age’. But then, try looking in a mirror, yourself :)

Unfortunately, this member did not identify exactly who each person was. Can we members rectify this omission and name any teacher or Classmate?  If you fancy that your memory is infallible, why not email in to "Webby" by clicking on  HERE  to identify any of your previous Mentors or Classmates?  (Those you attended the recent Dinner, may have an advantage, here.)  I'm afraid that we can't offer the successful member, even a "Putty Medal" but think of the 'honour and glory' of your name in lights :)

BTW - There is at least one person here who was only a pupil - Who is that?

And, for those who are baffled by this challenge, do you have any (MYSTERY) pictures of your old teachers for us to baffle other member with? All are welcome. Come one, come all!

BTW - To put you all out of your misery, you can see"Top Cat's" suggestion by clicking onto Mystery Teachers,


In response to requests from members (particularly overseas COBs):-

to view the Shaw Street Apartments click on Flats


A Relay Race

Here at COBA, we are as vulnerable to the ravages of ‘Old Father Time’, as anyone else. Bearing this in mind, we have decided look for a ‘reserve team’ of members who would be capable of ‘accepting the baton’ and taking over the duties of certain present Officers of the Council, when the time comes for them to pass on their duties.

There was also, a more pressing need for a new organiser for the Annual Dinner, whose duties would commence with the 2014 Function.  Fortunately enough, a replacement has come forward, in the form of Derek Corlett.  We are sure that Arthur Evans will be able to offer advice to Derek.  Please note that next year's AGM and Annual Dinner will be held on the 31st of October, 2014.

We have identified three of the offices that could suffer most, from an hiatus due to a retirement. These are Secretary, Treasurer and Webmaster. With this in mind, we are trying to prepare for all eventualities, by:-

(a) Keeping a set of (up-to-date) ‘Backup Data’ for each of the three jobs.

(b) Inviting volunteers from the membership who would be prepared (at this time) to acclimatise themselves as to how the duties of a retiring officer are performed and how the data is organised. This, of course, is with a view to taking over the duties when a retirement occurs.  Thus, we are inviting interested members to contact our Chairman, by clicking on Chairman for further details. 


The Association was formed in 1909, following the transfer of the Shaw Street Schools from the Liverpool Collegiate Institution to the Liverpool City Council, and it maintained a strong connection with the Liverpool Collegiate School up to the time of the School's closure in 1985. Since then the Association has kept a watching brief on the future use of the Shaw Street building, which is Grade II listed. The building has been converted now for residential use, containing some 90 very tasteful apartments. We hold a service on Remembrance Day, the 11th November each year, in the Entrance Hall of the Building. (Click on"Memories", for details).

A Newsletter is published annually by the Association and is sent to all its members. It is full of news, reports on activities, obituaries and a wealth of interesting correspondence and photographs from former pupils of the School. In addition, the Association has created this Website, which contains much interesting information and which will be updated on a regular basis.

A Cri de Coeur.

It has been pointed out to us, that what we need (on our site) are some definitive articles about periods in our history, that are often referred to,  but exact details are not commonly known.   Accordingly, we would like to put together a page covering exactly what did happen, at any one of these times

What we need, is data, from our readers including, of course, photographs (Preferably scanned at 300ppi or better and be in JPEG form).  Any of our readers, who have memories of such incidents can contact us by clicking on HERE

Such topics, might include :--

Bangor - The school was evacuated to Bangor - Where? (exactly) - When? (exactly) - For how long? - Did ALL the school go? - Which members of the staff went? - Did "The Prep" go? - Was the Shaw St. building closed down? - What Sport was available?

The Fire - What we need, is a definitive article about the disastrous fire that caused closure of the school.  We do have quite a few photos of the damage that was done - but no description of the events. We don't expect - "I was sitting there reciting some Latin, when I felt a blast of hot air rising up the back of my chair ......." - What were people doing when it occurred? - What did people say, to each other? - Did anyone rush down to see the flames? - Or next day to see the ruins? - Did you go inside? - Did you see any souvenir hunters, picking through debris?

Colomendy - (Sometimes referred to as 'Colomenditz') - Many Liverpool schools used this 'Outdoor Centre' - Contributions from Non-COBs would be considered (to stimulate memories )

School Camps (and CCF Camps) Where? - When? - How long? - Who went? - Which staff went? ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.