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Some (very brave) Members who were at the Dinner asked the question, "Could our pictures go onto the Website?" The answer is quite obvious. IT IS YOUR WEBSITE!
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Our Annual Dinner took place at the Athenaeum in Liverpool which is our usual venue. Nearly 80 members attended to celebrate 176 years since the School was founded. We were delighted to welcome old boy, Graham Stow, as our guest speaker. He attended School from 1955-1962.

Each year, we report to our members that the speaker was of top quality. This year, we can report that he was "better than that". We are sure that our members can remember the show on the TV titled 'The Comedians'; Graham could have graced that show, with something to spare. He promised us a short speech and then left us wanting more.

Graham opened with a comment regarding the long wait (since 1962) before being asked to speak at our dinner. Then he moved on to his starting at the school in 3C. Of course, Bertie Banyard had to be brought into things, with the great interest there is in the Battle of the Somme and his intense feelings for the underdog. As you might expect, Graham failed his 'O' Level Maths; how come a lot of those who passed it, were overtaken (in real life) by our Graham? Was it because Graham made such a great Lady Fairfax in the school production of 'The Importance of being Earnest'? Actually, he must have been pretty good as they made him School Captain. It all sums it up by the fact that Graham produced a copy of the 'School Guide' from his pocket. His career progressed and he served a number of well known organisations in senior positions. In addition he was honoured with a CBE and DL.

After school, Graham chose not to attend University, but moved on to his work at Littlewoods. He confessed that he had never actually checked a Pool Coupon, but it certainly sounds as though they kept him mighty busy. Just in case he started to feel under-worked, they also made him do a stint at their Mail Order business.

As you might expect, Graham ended his discourse with his listeners howling with laughter at a last-minute punch line. This was a thoroughly entertaining and informative address which was appreciated by all and was roundly applauded.

Our Chairman (Joe Lucas) offered a heart-felt 'Vote of Thanks' and then, the mike was passed on to Mr. Hans Broekman (Headmaster of Liverpool College) to express his own personal thanks for an excellent evening.

As usual members stood to announce themselves before singing the School Song accompanied by a recording made on the original school organ. The School chant then followed.

We are grateful to Graham for such an entertaing address and also Keith Simpson who had kindly provided a CD of the School organ playing the music for the School Song.

The proceedings were expertly compered by our own inimitable MC, Lionel Ross.

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Derek Corlett - Dinner Co-ordinator

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Here is a list of those attending the 2016 Dinner


Table  Name Years
Table  Name Years
Table  Name Years
1 Hans Broekman   4 Alan Atkinson 59-63 7 Lionel Bragg 72-77
1 Ron James 58-63 4 David Barnes 59-62 7 Raymond Bragg 74-79
1 Joe Lucas  48-52 4 Alan Clegg 50-56 7 Jeff Brown 71-76
1 Lionel Ross 53-61 4 Brian Davies 59-63 7 Jackie Griffiths 66-72
1 Stow Graham 55-62 4 Chris Hartley 60-65 7 Gordon Howard 43-48
1 David Williams 68-75 4 George Kilpatrick 59-62 7 George Hughes 63-68

4 Noel Monks 44-50 7 David Hughes 65-70
2 Ian Hulme 51-57 4 Vic North 60-65 7 Tom Lacey 51-56
2 George Hutchins 55-62 4 Mike Richard 50-55 7 Albert McMaster 52-57
2 Harry Johnson 46-51 4 Len Waltho 58-63 7 Gerry Mulcahey 51-55
2 Evan Jones 55-62

7 Paul Walsh 69-75
2 Norman Kennett 57-62 5 Philip Brown 69-74 7 Bob Wilson 52-57
2 David Kennett 55-62 5 Steve Brown 66-73

2 John Morris 55-61 5 Roy Clinton 53-58 8 Ian Alexander 71-76
2 Edward Murphy 54-60 5 Paul Davies 68-75 8 Barry Hoy 68-73
2 Bill Thomas 54-60 5 George Griffiths 66-74 8 John Lowery 68-75
2 David Winsland 57-65 5 Terence McIntosh 69-75 8 John Penton 68-73

5 Paul McIntosh 75-82 8 George Pilkington 66-71
3 Brian Bennett 48-55 5 Gary McIntosh 71-78 8 Ronald  Ramsdale 65-72
3 Jack Brownhill 43-48 5 Peter Price 55-62 8 Keith Simpson 68-75
3 J Cottrell 48-56 5 Donald Woan 71-78 8 Arthur Southern 68-73
3 Arthur Evans 41-46

8 Bill Welsh 58-75
3 Peter Galvin 41-50 6 Derek Corlett 55-60 8 Steve Mossman 68-75
3 Norman Morrisey 44-49 6 John  Hogg 76-81

3 L Oulton 48-55 6 Ian Johnson 76-83

3 Chris Pogue 48-53 6 George Perkins 76-83

3 Derek Tasker 44-54 6 Jim Rimmer 48-52

3 Richard Thwaite 43-49 6 Les Roche 76-83

3 Harold Walmsley 44-49 6 Andrew Rooke 76-83

3 Trevor Williams 48-55 6 Paul Shacklady 76-83