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This page is intended to hold Photos (AND ACCOMPANYING TEXT) that members have sent in, on any of the following subjects.  (If any member feels that we should include a new sub-section (to this page) on a different subject, then please feel free to write in with your suggestion.)

It is intended that this will provide an option for members who do have an interesting picture, but not enough text to write a fully fledged letter.  Mind you, a picture with no text at all, will look awfully bare and uninteresting.

R E M E M B E R   T H I S  I S  Y O U R   W E B S I TE   -   U S E  I T 

Let us see the empty spaces (below) 'chokka-block' with memories.  Come on you 'Ex-Brycream Boys'; don't let 'Chalkie's Army' outdo you.

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Hi Webmaster,

Here are some photos of the CCF’s RAF Section. I have fond memories of my time with the Section. Unfortunately it closed when its OC, Cedric Wilde, left LCS to go to The Holt. I went to see nearly every teacher asking for one to take over the Section. None would, and it came to the point that whenever a teacher saw me approaching he headed for the hills.

Sadly, Sid Philpotts died very suddenly when in the VIth Form. I thought him to be the best cadet in the Section. He was very keen.

The RAF Section had its own hut in the School yard, a relic from the days before the CCF when the School had an Air Training Corps Squadron, (No 780 Squadron ATC).

Fred Doyle




Back Row: KC, KC, Tucknott, Doyle, Powell, KC, KC, Hughes, Fairhurst, Hardman, Parker,
Front Row: Philpotts, KC, KC, KC, Station CO, Flt Lt Wilde, PETLO, Sinker, Gerwitz.



Back Row: Hardman, Doyle, Philpotts, Crane, Webster, Hughes
Front Row: Fairhurst, Gerwitz, Flt Lt Wilde, PETLO, Andy Parker, Bob Parker, Tucknott

PETLO = Pre-entry Training Officer; one on each RAF Station tasked with looking after cadets.


L tp R: RN, RN, Hardman, Doyle, Parker, Powell, RN, RN, RN, Gerwitz

The Navy Section cadets presumably had nowhere better to go on that day. It got me off a double period of maths.


Lt. Col. Sidney Francis Chalk, M.C.  T.D. - Commanding Officer of the Combined Cadet Force.

Known as "Chalky" and was the 'Maestro' of Metalwork Classes as well as being Form Master of 4D.

Put in a lot of time, indocrinating cadets into the myteries of Firing 0.22 gauge rifles in the Rifle Range on the top Floor.  Apart from the Formby and Altcar Camps,  he also organised at least one camp at the OCTU in the ground of Eaton Hall (Chester).

He seems to have kept it quiet that he was a "Lt. Colonel".

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The 27/6/2018  Lunch

Following comments from our group at the 2015 Dinner, I was persuaded to arrange an informal lunch meeting where we could catch up with each other.

Some of us had no contact since leaving the School in the early 1960's. The first lunch took place at 1:00 pm, on 7th June 2016 in the Artists Club on Eberle Street, Liverpool (by the Town Hall). Its success has lead to more lunches following.

17 managed to attend our latest lunch on the 27th of June, at the Artists Club and pictures of most attending will appear on our website shortly. As usual this was a most enjoyable occasion. Sadly our Chairman Joe Lucas is in hospital and could not be with us. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Another absentee was Doug Eaton who suffered an injury whist playing walk football. A short while ago I was able to furnish Doug with the music for the School Song and he was intending to add this to his repertoire when entertaining us on the old Johanna. He was eager to come and had already purchased his travel tickets from West Sussex to Liverpool. We hope his injury will not keep him on the sidelines for too long and look forward to seeing him and hearing his  extensive programme of entertainment on the next occasion.

Meanwhile my thanks to those who did attend and hope we can have a good turn out for the Annual Dinner on Friday 19th October. The cost this year is maintained at £29.00 and applications for tickets will be incorporated in the newsletter to be issued shortly. Our speaker is Steve Darby who has enjoyed a successful sports career in Asia where he managed the Laos national football team.

Our webmaster is working on the Luncheon pictures for the website and you may also be interested to see some pictures of Holly Lodge which were obtained this week. As you know the School has been demolished and some of the sports field has become a new housing estate. As a result there will be no School scouts on Friday!! These pictures can be viewed on Facebook pages for COBA and LCS.

BTW - Our thanks for this entertaining and enjoyable meeting go to Norman Kennett and John Morris plus Alan and Arthur Markham who are all members of The Artists Club in Liverpool, our venue. (Alan is a past president). Also, we have our member, Vic Ash (1957 - 1962), to thank for an excellent letter 'touching all bases' regarding our lunch.

This was a grand occasion and it is hoped that we can meet again later this year. If you would like to join us (Bags of room at 'The Artists' plus a lift for those who need one),
Please feel free to contact me at :-


BTW - Lads from ANY year, at the school, are ALL welcome to come down and enjoy our 'Happy Band of Fellows'.



By George Bernard Shaw
Presented by the School Dramatic Society
Thursday and Friday
10th and 11th DECEMBER 1964
At 7:30 p.m.

Here is the cast of the show ( L to R ) :-

E G Rowlands? ? Vic North in tights Tony Dickinson ? M C Corley ? Stuart McWilliam ? Paul Southern S T Owen Chris Ball ? R G Griffiths C E E Sloan
P L Eades? A J Barker P J Taylor(in Knight's attire) ? Dave Barrow D Byrne ? ? ?



What a surprise! I was looking through your website as my late father attended the school when Dr Brown was headmaster and found a photo of him in your gallery section pf school plays entitled “The Curtain Call” – if I read the legend correctly he is  third from the left.
Richard Burden


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Colly COLLY_5

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Goodison Team

Hi Webmaster

This picture looked awfully bare with no name :-) .

It's over 50 years ago, but here goes.....

Back Row: Yours Truly, Dave Barraclough, John Baldwin, Micky Price, Colin Griffiths, Barry Fitton, Billy Leech, Phil Percival.

Front Row : Mike Galley, Owen Fisher, Johnnie Fowler, Li Ross, Barry Caton.

With apologies to those I might have wrong !

Trust all's well.


Eric Carr.

Ta! Eric - I wonder whether young Li Ross (on the front rwo) can verify this, for us - Webby :-)

Hi Webby,
Eric has almost got it right. His only mistake is Baldwin's first name - it is Keith not John.
Sadly, Eric is right about Mike Price, who died a few years ago.


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Here is an example of the work of Frank Harris (1939 - 1944) - His cartoons appeared in the Liverpool Echo - his main character was named Willie - It seems that Willie attended the Collegiate when he was a schoolboy - Frank missed out on attending our last dinner, for the first time in years, but some of his cartoons "originals" were raffled off.


Mystery Teachers & COBs

What we have here is a couple of (RECENT) pictures of ex-Collegiate Teachers and Pupils. These were sent in by a COB as a challenge for our members to recognise anyone who they may remember applying some discipline to their (bent over) rear-ends. Admittedly a few of them look a little bit more "long in the tooth" and their ‘strong right arm’ may have ‘withered with age’. But then, try looking in a mirror, yourself :)

Unfortunately, this member did not identify exactly who each person was. Can we members rectify this omission and name any teacher or Classmate?  If you fancy that your memory is infallible, why not email in to "Webby" by clicking on  HERE  to identify any of your previous Mentors or Classmates?  (Those you attended the recent Dinner, may have an advantage, here.)  I'm afraid that we can't offer the successful member, even a "Putty Medal" but think of the 'honour and glory' of your name in lights :)

BTW - There is at least one person here who was only a pupil - Who is that?

And, for those who are baffled by this challenge, do you have any (MYSTERY) pictures of your old teachers for us to baffle other member with? All are welcome. Come one, come all!

BTW - To put you all out of your misery, you can see"Top Cat's" suggestion by clicking onto Mystery Teachers,


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