From: Christopher Dodd

Hi Webmaster, It has been brought to my attention, that Jim Railton has died. I have no details to offer, except for this newspaper cutting :-

Jim Railton Obituary


Hi Christopher, - (And all our members)

Here is a case, where there is sure to be members with memories of Jim. We do have many members from the late '40s and '50s. A sportsman, such as he, must have made his mark on the minds of lads who needed some 'geeing up' to reach their full potential and of course, his musical input to the world of Jazz must have been memorable.

Accordingly, we would like to publish some emails from ex-pupils who can delve up stories and 'tittle-tattle' to bring it all back for the rest of 'our gang'. Don't be shy! Alll are welcome and everything from our members will be published.

Cheers - Webby